Globalisation Does Not Mean De-Africanization – Alex Ndungu Njeru


The other day I had a really candid discussion with a Matatu driver, these Matatu drivers tend to be the uncensored voices that even nerdy professors need listen. This particular driver was lamenting.

 ‘My brother just died,’ He said.

Ghanaian Politicians are not IMANI's visceral opponents, rather pompous academics and some professionals - Bright Simons, IMANI

Today, I am on the issue of think-tanks and IMANI. It is true that IMANI has often clashed with government officials. And that in the Mills Administration, especially, this nearly got out of hand.

How Freer Skies Will Translate To Safer And Cheaper Flights In Africa - Alex Ndungu Njeru

There are things on this continent that simply don’t make sense; like a return flight from Banjul in the Gambia to Lagos in Nigeria priced at 6,000 US$D. For that amount of money I could have several return flights from Nairobi to Shanghai.

Putting an End to Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation in Africa – Lanre Olagunju

#USAfricaSummit : An Open Letter to President Barack Obama - Ajibola Adigun


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