Dear Foreign NGOs, This Is How Africa Works - Alex Ndungu Njeru


The African Food Challenge And The Way Forward – Lanre Olagunju

Bill Gates in his annual letter for 2014 argued against the general myth that foreign aid is a total

Africa: Beyond Greed or Grievance - Understanding Conflict in Resource-Rich States - Christoph Vogel And Joschka Havenith

Diamonds and Rubber in Sierra Leone, oil in Angola and Sudan, tantalum and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, copper in Zambia - the

Africa: U.S. Private, Public Sectors Step Up to Power Challenge - Mimi Alemayehou

My grandmother spent her whole life in southern Ethiopia and passed away a few years ago without ever having switched on a light.

Water For Consumption, Before Water For Energy – Lanre Olagunju

While tweeting with the

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Bill Gates in his annual letter for 2014 argued...
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