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The Undressing of Women In Kenya Is Not A Feminist Issue

I have taken quite some time to pen this piece, partly because the moral gangs purporting to advocate for a ‘new era of a morally upright Kenya’ by undressing women, shook the belief I had in mankind to the core.

For Unemployed South Africans, Half-a-loaf is better than no bread - Phumlani UMajozi

During South Africa’s platinum miners’ strike that ended in June this year, I was puzzled by union members who suggested they’d rather be unemployed than earn what they described as a “low wage”. I was really startled by their remarks.

The ICC and Institutional failures of rule of law in Kenya

Kenyans have recently been treated to melodrama and political chicanery of the highest order.

The Debris of the Berlin Wall Litters Africa

Few can agree on why the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. However, the recent suspension of the Burkinabe constitution and the takeover of government by the army well demonstrates that its debris remain in Africa, where ideological proxy wars are ongoing.

2015 and Beyond: Building a Future in which Children Survive and Thrive - Lanre Olagunju

If there is one essential process, that if adopted across the nations of Africa, could make a difference to the future of the continents children; it is that improving child health must be an essential c