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The United States of Africa And What Pan-Africanism Ought To Be - Alex Njeru and Ajibola Adigun

As a way to end the lingering crises in several parts of Africa, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has renewed calls for a pan-African President to lead a United States of Africa.

The Paradox of Youth Development and Professional Youths in Africa - Alex Njeru Ndungu

Does Africa have a youth problem? The next time somebody mentions the word ‘youth’ in social, political and economic context I am going to push foam into his/her mouth. Well, that’s not diplomatic but I am fatigued. I am fatigued about; youth employment programs, youth funds, youth volunteer programs, affirmative action that allows youth to get access procurement action.

Foreign Aid versus the growth and development of the Central African region - Chofor Che

The Sub Saharan African region (the region) is the largest recipient of aid.

A Market Economy Will Deliver Africa’s Prosperity – Lanre Olagunju

A market economy refers to a system in which economic decisions especially the pricing of goods and s

Converting Property Rights into Entrepreneurship – Rejoice Ngwenya

A brief history of property ownership in Central Africa