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African Students: Outstanding Opportunity for a Yale MBA in 2015

Our Alliance is an exceptional coterie of young African risk-takers unlocking Africa’s potential through innovative social and business ventures. Re-designing the wheel in Malawi, manufacturing ambulances in Uganda, rethinking education in Nigeria.

What A Kenyan Politician Is Made Of - Mariah Akinyi Ayugi


This is a post sent in by a young Kenyan poet, University student and member of African Liberty Students’ Organisation in Kenya, Mariah Akinyi Ayugi


Chofor Che contributes to new book on Democracy and Governance

African Liberty columnist, Cameroonian Chofor Che contributed to this peer reviewe

VOICE OF LIBERTY AFRICA: Marrying kids isn’t a cool thing to do - Olumayowa Okediran


Sudan may review decision to halt South Sudan oil flow

 Sudan may reverse its decision to close cross-border oil flows from South Sudan if its neighbour stops its alleged support for rebels, Sudan's Information Minister said on Sunday.

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