Concretizing The Peace Deal In The Central African Republic - Chofor Che


Africa's Climate Policies Burned By Firewood Dependence

By Kayode Ogunbunmi and

Malawi Elections - Banda Defeated By Corruption and Hunger - Frank Jomo


The Making of A New India: The Election of 2014 - D. Dhnauraj and Rahul V. Kumar


The Nigerian Government is Not Stupid, Everything is Planned, Everything is Calculated - Adedamola Garuba

"Come in close...closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it would be to fool you..." That's the opening line from a movie I've come to love (Now You See Me). Not just for the tricks and thrills I got from seeing it, but because it serves as a reflection of many things I notice around me. Magic was quite a fascinating idea as a child back then.

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